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Love, light & peace for all—Happy, Merry Everything!

Dear Readers,

My deepest thanks to you for reading The Way It Is blog.


Also sending out a warm welcome to the most recent followers/subscribers.

I hope that for any of you who celebrated Chanukah –
that it was bright and fun!

Chanukah lights 2014 by EH.


And for all celebrating on this Christmas Eve,
I wish you a Merry and brilliant Christmas
and a Happy, healthy New Year!

Love, light, and peace for all.


Holiday card copyright Elana Halberstadt /Planet Elana Art Studio, 2014.
“All cats on the bed” (holiday card) copyright Elana Halberstadt /Planet Elana Art Studio, 2014.



I got the beautiful light

msunset3msunset2satDear Readers,

Proud moment from earlier this month:

Almost 7 year old looks out the window and sees that the light is special. It’s a gorgeous sunset. Pink and purple streaks with a splash of gold. He runs to get the camera. Runs outside. Captures the light and the sky. Turns to me and says, “There, I got it. I got the beautiful light.”

Yes, and the sky.

Love and peace,



photos by Max Halberstadt Turits

Thankful for Education bloggers and shiny new pencils


Dear Readers,

It’s been non-stop behind the scenes action here.

Our latest cause for celebration was this post by the great Diane Ravitch,
who reblogged Jersey Jazzman’s post. Then it was picked up by local
media here.

It’s  great that we got some national, state and more local exposure.  Eventually, more people will  understand what’s  happening and  our movement will grow. We’re doing everything we can and it feels good when our efforts pay off. Being noticed and written about by such incredible, highly esteemed forces working to save public education, is quite an honor. We understand that we’re part of a bigger struggle on a state and national level, as well.

I used to love getting new school supplies when I was a little girl. I still do. So, getting Ms supplies is fun for me, and I allow  myself a few things, too. A new notebook. A few pens. Colorful post it flags. Glitter. When  M checked out his  supplies for the upcoming school year,  M  said, “I can’t wait to start first grade. I love my school and want to stay there forever.”  He examined his new pencil case and I watched his eyes light up. I want that light to stay there for this coming school year.


Every time M says he’s  excited  to go back to school, I’m thrilled he feels this way (and it’s more proof that his Kindergarten experience was  good). But, then my heart  sinks. I can’t let him know exactly what’s going on. We plan for him to go back to the same school. That’s all he needs to know for now. My hopes are that he and other children won’t feel too many drastic changes. But, I can’t help but be concerned. I support his excitement. I contain my fears and let them loose elsewhere, away from him.


It’s a beautiful day. Even with the worry, the unknowns, and the fears.

The sun is shining and it’s time to play outside.


Love to Boston

Dear Readers,


My heart is in Boston, MA. My heart is home. In Jerusalem. In NYC. Here.

My heart

has another (smaller) heart who walks with me and holds my hand.

My heart has a heart who shares the road with me.

My heart has a cat, with a heart (even smaller), even bigger.

One, my husband. One, my son. One, my cat.

My heart fills with love for Boston,

filled with love for my family,

all families, all children.

My family is OK, is OK, is OK. Others are not, not OK.

My heart hurts for all the people who have suffered and are suffering.

My heart is holding on to my hearts and is grateful for my hearts

and holding hands and taking one step at a time,

forward into adventure, without fear, with fear, with my 6 year old wise

boy beside me, to whom I owe almost everything, for whom I do everything.

Including getting up out of bed and not hiding under covers.

Including living our life.

Including the ache and heartbreak.

Including seeing the trees are flowering today

Also birds sing.

Light and love and peace,