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There are no mistakes in art

Dear Readers,

I  missed posting last week because Max and I were both sick.

As the week neared an end, Max got better. Then he started climbing the walls. Literally. I was climbing the walls, too, but I don’t have any snapshots of the inside of my mind which I imagine might have  resembled  crumbs from a piece of burnt bagel or maybe it was a cinnamon pop tart.

All better now.

It was the last day of camp yesterday. When we got out of the car, we saw the camp counselor /art teacher. We had a brief  parking lot conversation on the way in. How fast the summer has goneHow quickly camp flew byHow much fun it was…

She said, “You know, I love the things Max says, ‘I’m a real artist.’ Or, ‘There are no mistakes in art.’ Other kids get frustrated sometimes, but Max just told them, ‘There are no mistakes in art.'”

Wish I would take my own advice more often. Maybe I need to  practice saying that to myself. Then practice believing it. Or perhaps take the often useful approach, fake it ’till you make it, and then act AS IF I believed it. 


Self portrait, copyright 2012 Max Halberstadt Turits

I was happy to hear that Max has gotten that message and was helping his friends, too.

On the way inside, he showed me some new tricks he’s picked up.

I’m thrilled that he’s learned so much these past six weeks. He went from being uncertain and afraid of being in a new place to  feeling comfortable and confident. He even asked me, “Why did camp end so fast?” Max is walking away with a bunch of new skills like swimming with his head under water, playing basketball, soccer, etc.

Suddenly he pointed up. “See that window up there, Mommy? That’s the art room. I know where all the rooms are now.”

Seems this was just the right camp for him.  Gosh, all that angsting I had over it. And it was fine. More than fine. Hmm. I wonder if I’ll be able to remember this next time I need to choose something for him. Maybe less worrying and fretting next time? Nah. It’s part of the deal.

If we never take a chance on something new, we can’t really grow. I’ll thank Max for reminding me of that little nugget.

When I arrived at camp in the afternoon to get him, they’d  just finished face painting. He ran to show me the hamster on his cheek.

Then, it was time for ice pops and goodbyes. I had one, too. Grape. I should really say purple! My favorite. Max had green. He said it was green apple flavored. For a few minutes,  the counselors, the kids, and I  happily slurped our ice pops. A rainbow of colors. All delicious. A good and sweet goodbye.

Hugs, thank you, and we’ll see you again some day.

Love & peace,


PS. I’ve been rereading a wonderful book I’d like to recommend. It’s an anthology presented by Eric Carle, benefitting the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art: ARTIST to artist, 23 Major illustrators Talk to Children about Their Art, Philomel Books

All words and images © Elana Halberstadt 2012 except where noted.