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Dear Readers,

Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!

Here’s to Ms dad, Andy. You’re the best.


From M to Andy via a multi page card/booklet made at school:


I’m also the proud daughter of Jerry Halberstadt who recently won the 2014 Gil Adrien Award for Outstanding Advocacy for his tireless efforts in Peabody, MA.

Sometimes rabble rousers win, which is really great. But winning is not the goal–making a difference in people’s lives is. So, as far as I’m concerned, he was a champion long before receiving this award. I congratulate him for his work, for making a difference, and for this well deserved honor.


An excerpt from the article below:

ILCNSCA presented the 2014 Gil Adrien Award for Outstanding Advocacy to Jerome Halberstadt of Peabody. The Adrien Award for Outstanding Advocacy, named in honor of ILCNSCA Founder Gil Adrien, is given to an individual with a disability on the North Shore or Cape Ann who, by his/her actions and accomplishments, has done the most to promote the ideals of the Independent Living Philosophy.

Jerome was recognized for his leadership and advocacy with the Stop Bullying Coalition, working on legislation to stop the bullying of elders and people with disabilities living in subsidized housing. He has worked collaboratively over the past two years with Senator Joan Lovely, Representative Leah Cole, Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants and has been given full support by the Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann Inc. Currently the anti-bullying bill, Senate bill 604 is on extended deadline by the Joint Committee on Housing.


Here’s to dads that make a difference in  so many big and small ways!

It’s impossible to fit all this on a card or a quick post…so whatever this day means to you, I hope it’s beautiful and full of love, good memories, or both.

Love and peace,



Day 16: Father’s Day Part Two and Rest from the Revolution

Dear Readers,

I spent the day with my family.

M gave Andy this:


I gave him this:

by EH 2013

We were talking about education and what’s going on around the picnic table in the back yard at Ms grandpa’s in NY. He said, “There’s no cookie cutter kids and there shouldn’t be cookie cutter curriculum.”

Andy is an amazing father to M. He teaches him about music and they play and sing together. He answers all Ms science questions, builds rockets, cooks delicious food, and he’s been very patient while my time has been split even more from all the recent activist work. I can’t believe my good fortune at having met him 18 years ago, but I did and I’m thankful,  happy, the luckiest. “Pizza saves the day!”

He found this for me online:


Big BOE meeting tomorrow evening. Lots to do!

I hope you have a goodnight or morning.


Day 15: Father’s Day & the Revolution

Dear Readers,

Whew. The Revolution has begun! So much going on and I’m prepping for the next BOE meeting on Monday.  Hoping to get a big turn out of parents and community.

And tomorrow is Father’s Day.  For anyone  celebrating, I hope you have a wonderful day. Here’s to all the dads who make our children’s world go around.

Mine taught me how to be a rabble-rouser; to speak up and protest when I see injustice. He taught me how to read  starting when I was   a toddler. He used antique printing blocks to teach me letters and words. We had an old printing press for woodcuts (made by my mother) and signs and did all kinds of hand printing work, too. He helped me publish my first “book.” He showed me how make art; how to capture a moment in photography;  how to look for  light or shadows and really see them.  Among many other things, he’s been a   Civil Rights , social, and environmental justice activist for decades, and to this very day.

Thank you, Dad.

Remember this?

photo credit copyright Jerry Halberstadt