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Love and Marriage Equality

Dear Readers,

Happy Passover to all who are celebrating.

The shortest way I can think of to explain Passover is to say: it’s about freedom. About slaves becoming free, liberation from tyranny and awfulness. To celebrate,  we tell the story of Passover and eat a variety of foods which take a lifetime to get used to, but if you start with matzoh ball soup, and go easy on the  matzoh, you’ll be fine.

As we tell a story from so long ago, we also connect it to struggles of today.

From Garden State Equality posted yesterday  (3/25/13) on Facebook:

“Passover begins tonight, and we wish our Jewish brothers and sisters a Pesach Sameach! We know that those celebrating will not be able to attend the marriage equality rallies at the Supreme Court tomorrow, but we ask as you are conducting your Seders and retelling the struggle for freedom, that you include a prayer for the Supreme Court Justices to hear our plea to be free from second class status and grant all citizens the freedom to marry those they love.”

Channeling my yenta Jewish lady character  with a bissel Yiddish: “I’m kvelling over our family. Who are these meshugana putzs who don’t want equality? Meh. Everyone should just be happy and healthy. Love is love. Who needs this shpilkes? Let everyone get married who wants to. Everyone should have the same rights.  Plus that IRS married filing jointly deduction. I tell you. No joke. So, people against marriage equality are fakakta and should keep their narishkeit and hateful  punims away. Oy! Pass the wine. We need to keep schlepping along.


Today was a big day at the U.S. Supreme Court. You can read more about it here.

Our cousins Jeff, Andrew, and Josh inspire me with their love of life and family and  their ongoing, tireless work for justice. Equality should be theirs, too. You can read more about their story here and here.

I’m proud  to stand up for my  friends and family, for Marriage Equality for ALL.  I hope the Supreme Court makes the right decision about Prop 8. and DOMA.


Lastly, check out this very short video from the ADL. Imagine.