A new low for kindergarten children in America

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Folks, this is disturbing on every level. A kindergarten show is cancelled so kids can keep working to become ‘college and career ready.’


Please sign and share this petition by the mother who exposed this to get the show reinstated!



Yes, this is the world of the corporate ed deformers; ruining public schools across the United States.


And is it any wonder  children  feel like this?

I hate school
I hate school

Trying to push forward even though all this is deeply depressing.

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4 thoughts on “A new low for kindergarten children in America

  1. Oy vey! What I just wrote on the petition:

    Real children (not ticky-tacky overwhelmed workers on corporate assembly lines as in Charlie Chaplin’s famous film, or Soma-fed brain- dead destroyers of our planet)–REAL CHILDREN (of which no two are ever alike), can only flourish where, like any other mammal, they are nourished, and nurtured, and allowed to be free, and to experiment, while also kept safe as they learn independence and find out who they are and what they love and can do and can be. These are the kinds of children who will be growing up now in a devastated planet, and need the wisdom and moral strength to save life on Earth. “Strong readers, writers, … and problem solvers” need to have creative play and learn in an integrated way and find their own strengths, and this teamwork often happens precisely in events such as a kindergarten show. The corporatization of education is evil–and amounts to child abuse!

    I just posted it….

    love, mom

  2. The world is changing everywhere and our children are becoming casualties. I would comment more but my blood pressure would rise way above acceptable lessons.

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