Sitting with trees

Dear Readers,

On Earth Day, which is really every day, or should be.

Max made this:

Big Cat and an Apple Tree by Max
Big Cat and an Apple Tree by Max

Then I read this by Wes Stephenson —- Let This Earth Day Be The Last

Be the change
Sitting with trees

And the one where I am speechless–either from being stunned by something beautiful or amazing in nature —or from  hearing about the impossible cruelty and greed that plagues our planet by people and corporations who don’t care about air, water, food, animals/wildlife, or people. Either way, sometimes I feel I have no words.

Sitting with trees with no words

The documentary A Fierce Green Fire is airing tonight on PBS.

Sending appreciation to all the people on the ground, in the sea, in forests, up in trees, attempting to stop bulldozers, the XL tar sands pipeline, fracking, the massacre of wolves, elephants hunted, big cats in danger, whales and dolphins as human prey, polar bears who’s arctic is melting— the list goes on — for those who fight for the planet every day / fighting for everyone / with their bodies thrown upon and in front of  the machines.


Love and peace,