Jump back in

Dear Readers,

Going to jump back in five minutes before getting my son at the bus stop so I don’t have time to waffle, think, or obsess about: how to post again after many months of not posting.

There has been deep winter hibernation, deaths, school stuff, snow upon layers of ice and more snow which still hasn’t fully melted.

I’m just gonna skip over the details of the past few months and let this cartoon speak for how I feel about it:


Also, this funny piece from Sarah Miller in the New Yorker made me laugh out loud and I desperately needed a good laugh.

More snow is expected this afternoon or evening. I’m putting my fingers in my ears and I say, “la, la, la, I can’t hear you weather reporter people.” Nope. Not listening.

Instead, I will have Sinai thoughts. So there.




Love and peace,






2 thoughts on “Jump back in

  1. Elana! This is wild. You were very much in my thoughts just this morning. LOVE your post. welcome back. No need to say more… so happy to see you there. I’ll be in touch. Much much love… Beatriz

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