Day 26: Graduating from Kindergarten, Voting Rights, Love & Equality

Dear Readers,

M finished Kindergarten today.


Our K class parent had  the lovely idea for each child to bring in a flower to add to a bouquet for their teacher this morning, the last day of school. M picked these for her.



Also today, DOMA was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Finally. A great victory for Equality in America. These two images were circulating today. I don’t know who made them, but they say so much, I had to share.


On the other hand, Voter’s Rights were set back. I’m still reading about it and trying to digest what has happened. Read more it about here and  here.

M gave me this note  written on a tissue (not sure what’s up with him writing on paper towel and tissues lately, but there you have it. Just  another mystery.


This is really worth a watch. Karen Lewis, Chicago Teacher’s Union, president, speaks the truth.

Congratulations, M! You did it! Hooray! So proud.


Love and peace,