Day 22: Hiding under the covers

Dear Readers,

Sometimes I feel like hiding under the covers. If I didn’t have my husband, son, and cat to be there for me and love; If I didn’t have friends and family encouraging me; If I hadn’t found the group of parents I’m working with to fight back against the hostile corporate ed reform takeover happening in our school district, I’d feel like this all the time.


When you’re up against this.

And you wish there could be this

One is thankful that   atthechalkface exists and that they’ve  posted this.

Thank you for being here. You’re helping, too.

Good night, good morning,

Love & peace,


3 thoughts on “Day 22: Hiding under the covers

  1. Time for everyone to “wake up” and “join the conversation.” The film makes very clear the choice between healthy and unhealthy goals and tactics for education. Education is to create citizens who should be: creative, have empathy, are not crippled by stress and fear, able to speak out. It is not about trying to be equal in test scores. If you know how to learn, you can pass any exam so long as it is fair. You shouldn’t be sorted for life by your primary school tests! Perhaps when they hand you paper with lines ready to be filled in, it is time to grab a sheet of plain paper without lines. It is time to listen to the really fine teachers who devote themselves to developing our kids/grandkids into real people, ready to deal with the crazy world we live in, and ready to keep going on a constructive path.

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