Day 16: Father’s Day Part Two and Rest from the Revolution

Dear Readers,

I spent the day with my family.

M gave Andy this:


I gave him this:

by EH 2013

We were talking about education and what’s going on around the picnic table in the back yard at Ms grandpa’s in NY. He said, “There’s no cookie cutter kids and there shouldn’t be cookie cutter curriculum.”

Andy is an amazing father to M. He teaches him about music and they play and sing together. He answers all Ms science questions, builds rockets, cooks delicious food, and he’s been very patient while my time has been split even more from all the recent activist work. I can’t believe my good fortune at having met him 18 years ago, but I did and I’m thankful,  happy, the luckiest. “Pizza saves the day!”

He found this for me online:


Big BOE meeting tomorrow evening. Lots to do!

I hope you have a goodnight or morning.