Day 9: Kindergarten should be fun

Dear Readers,

I made this today:


And then I found this bit of wonderful from


My hands are better but still resting them. My brain is going in a 1000 directions. My floor is covered with piles of documents, notes, and emails. My walls are covered in notes, quotes, and Ms drawings. He’s in Kindergarten. Here’s a recent one:

Cat chasing mouse with ants, by M.
“Cat chasing mouse with ants”

I beg forgiveness if I’m slow to respond or to check out my fellow blogger’s sites. I appreciate your messages and support. When this is all over, I hope to visit the many bloggers who’ve  been so kind here.

Good night and sweet dreams. 


2 thoughts on “Day 9: Kindergarten should be fun

  1. So true, Kindergarten should be all about fun. Plus that’s all learning. My little one is a month away from finishing Kindy. While she can’t wait to start school she has loved every minute of kindy!

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