Day 8: The sun came out

Dear Readers,

This is going to be a real short one. It seems I’ve overdone it with my typing
and writing. It didn’t help that M begged me to play some video games with him. I usually don’t because, well, it hurts  my hands, and I’d rather not play video games (just not my thing) but anyway, I did. It was a car racing game, which was actually fun, with me constantly landing in the water, crashing into the trees, and other such game fails.  Of course I lost to M.  Anyway, it was only a few games. But, ouch!

Since I’ve had carpal tunnel and tendinitis in both my hands before, I gotta watch it when things get twingy. My orders to myself are to rest my hands as much as I can, but still attempt to post something every day. And no more video games for at least a week. Or ever.

Back to trying to save our schools from an education-nightmare:

After all that crying yesterday and feelings of overwhelm, there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep and the sun coming out today to help me reboot.

So here’s some Dilbert smack down. I love this:


Nikhil Goyal gave an incredible speech at The Rally for the Future of Public Education in Albany, NY today. All  I can say, YES and he knocked it out of the park! His speech, and this event (attended by thousands) is inspiring to our parent group  in my town, and inspiring and uplifting to all who care about public education.  We’re  doing this. Yes, we are.

And now, back to resting my hands.

I hope you’re having a good weekend!

Love and peace,


PS. Go Bloggers for WordCount Blogathon 2013!