Day 6: Success and Rotten to the Core

Dear Readers,


Barely making it in under the wire. Day  6 has been a wild and wacky day! Woohoo!

Our parent activist group has been busy posting on our page, emailing, talking to people, listening, gathering stories and articles, researching and writing letters, helping each other with ideas, discussing, thinking, and in my case, also eating brownies.

Activism requires snacks,  plenty of coffee, and water. One must stay hydrated and fueled for optimal performance and HIGH EXPECTATIONS and all this RIGOR! YES!  Don’t forget to step away from the laptop and stretch. Go outside and sniff the lilac. Also… need….more…. sleep. Pace yourself. This is going to be a long road, haul, battle, struggle, big mountain to climb.

Today, a local Patch site posted an article about what’s going in our schools and featured our Facebook page. We’re being heard!

More  people are finding their way to us. I’m having very interesting bus stop chats.

I think I’ve mentioned  how hard it’s been  to understand our new Strategic Plan for the school district. It’s chock full of corporate ed reformy language. Basically every 5 words is the word “rigor” and every 10 words “achievement” and the word “measure” and “data” and it all jumbles up into a whole lot of gobbledegook.

My brain hurt searching for anything remotely creative or interesting in the plan. I was searching for something that made sense  but that was frustrating and an exercise in futility. It isn’t there. I want it to be there. I wish it was. But, I must tell you, I couldn’t find it. Maybe that’s my last vestige of denial? This can’t be happening here. It just can’t. But it is. It really is. I hear it, I see it, I still, well, no I believe it. It’s the weight of it,  the complexity.  And  it all sinks in a little bit  more each day. This is really happening here. I’m  really trying to do something about it.  I have to believe we’ll have some impact.

I will eat as many brownies as necessary in order to fulfill my missions. Thanks to my rockstar husband for baking and doing dishes while I read about Opting Out.

Back to language: So,  I was thinking, crikey, this document (the plan) needs to be translated. This is  NOT English. Lo and behold, answers to my wishes and questions:  I came across this brilliant, fantastic piece. I’ve got permission from the author, Karen Fraid to share it here (and I thank her kindly) for her great work and generous spirit. For anyone struggling or in need of translations…please read it!

  • you’re not alone / not crazy / not lacking in comprehension skills
  •  this will help you /feel less alone /feel sane /remind you to believe in your language abilities and instincts

That’s all for tonight.

Sweet dreams,

and carrying on tomorrow!


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