Day 3: Prepping for my first BOE meeting

Dear Readers,

There’s a Board of Education meeting happening in my town this evening. I’ve never managed to attend them before and I usually  watch them (after the fact) when they’re taped and available online. The meetings  usually happen during the worst time of day for me, evening, just at bedtime for M, when everyone’s exhausted from the day, also known as the witching hour of many meltdowns (although less so lately) and A isn’t home from work yet. Sometimes these meetings go on for hours.

But today, special circumstances, I booked a sitter (M’s favorite) and I’m going. And M is also looking forward to Daddy Guy Stuff Bedtime when he gets home instead of his usual routine with boring old moi. Yay!

The new district superintendent in our town is presenting her final strategic plan for our district, among other things on the agenda.  I’m going with the hopes that I can sign up to speak as are many other parents I know who plan to attend and voice their questions and concerns. There’s an open comments section of the meeting where residents can speak for up to three (3) minutes. It’s not a long time. And while I’m fine with public speaking, having done stand up comedy for years, plus improv and acting, and I know how to write for time, and such, this is completely different, and I’m a bit nervous.  I might not speak. I’ll decide there. I might just go and listen and watch.

I  wrote an almost four page letter to the Super, cc-ing the BOE members, and with plans to also copy a council member and the Mayor.  It’s in draft form now, so I’m not sharing it widely yet and certainly not until  after I send it to its intended recipients. I hope to use bits of  it as reference for speaking to make points, and to keep myself on track and focused. Depending on how things go at the meeting, and if new information is revealed, I might tweak the letter some more before sending. Whew.

Tonight, I’ll be following the rule of listening twice as much as I speak (two ears, one mouth). I’m new to the BOE meeting situation, so I want to see what exactly happens there  which will be  a different experience than watching it online,  reading about it or hearing about it. I hope I have the guts to speak. If I don’t, I hope to forgive myself quickly. And maybe next time.

And now, I need to go eat something, get dressed and head over to my neighbor and fellow parent activist for a ride to the meeting. M is having fun with his sitter, so I feel I can walk away in peace. But I really do need to get dressed with outside clothes on aka not my sweats/yoga pants.


I hope all my fellow WordCount Bloggers are doing well. I’m hoping to at least get to read at least one or more posts by other writers in the Parenting category by the time this blogathon is over.

Thanks to everyone for your support!

Love and peace,