I don’t know what I’m thinking

Dear Readers,

Since last time, I’ve changed the name of this blog to:

TheWayItIs —–and it now has a new url: thewayitis.me

You can also still find it by using the old name, elanahalberstadt.wordpress.com

Things have been hectic per usual. I’ve also become a parent activist. I’m  one of several founding members of a  grassroots parents group we  created  in my town. We’re   working together to fight back against what we perceive is a corporate ed reform takeover of our public schools. There’s a lot of that going around the US these days, but there’ll be time for all that soon.

As if there’s not enough going on my life, I’ve naturally decided  to add a bit more into the mix. I’ve gone and signed up for the Word Count Blogathon 2013 which runs from June 1-30 and I’m committed to  writing a blog post every day. I’ve got no idea how this is gonna go, but we’ll  find out soon enough.

I’ll see you back here on June 1!

Thanks for being here and reading.

Love and peace,


This is how I still feel sometimes even though M isn’t a baby anymore:


2 thoughts on “I don’t know what I’m thinking

  1. I like the new name–very fitting. And I like the blog entry every day for a month! Good for you! (And, yes, you did already have enough to do, but, hey, that kind of is the way it is, isn’t it?) I love the activism. Education is vital, and needs to be reestablished as such. Something scary has happened–it’s like education has been lost in some massive shuffle and, as a result, kids muddle through, sliding out the other end ill-prepared and not the least bit interested. Your journey should make for some great posts!

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