Love to Boston

Dear Readers,


My heart is in Boston, MA. My heart is home. In Jerusalem. In NYC. Here.

My heart

has another (smaller) heart who walks with me and holds my hand.

My heart has a heart who shares the road with me.

My heart has a cat, with a heart (even smaller), even bigger.

One, my husband. One, my son. One, my cat.

My heart fills with love for Boston,

filled with love for my family,

all families, all children.

My family is OK, is OK, is OK. Others are not, not OK.

My heart hurts for all the people who have suffered and are suffering.

My heart is holding on to my hearts and is grateful for my hearts

and holding hands and taking one step at a time,

forward into adventure, without fear, with fear, with my 6 year old wise

boy beside me, to whom I owe almost everything, for whom I do everything.

Including getting up out of bed and not hiding under covers.

Including living our life.

Including the ache and heartbreak.

Including seeing the trees are flowering today

Also birds sing.

Light and love and peace,



3 thoughts on “Love to Boston

  1. Hello Elana,
    As I read along, my heart joined your hearts in. Whatever they were doing, were going, were feeling. . . as usual, thank you. . .k

  2. Elana, thank you for finding these words, when sometimes it feels like there are no words…thank you and love — anat

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