First Something New

Dear Readers,

We just got back from an incredible week in the Bay area of California for my brother’s wedding. Lots of firsts and adventure, especially for Max. First trip away with our family. First plane ride. First staying with relatives for a whole week. First time wearing a suit and tie and fancy shoes. First tastings of new foods (arugula–what?!). First boat ride. Lots of firsts.

In the pilot’s seat, first flight!

I want to write so much about our trip, about the wedding, and all the events surrounding the wedding, our super fun day in San Francisco, sitting on the dock of the bay watching sea lions, all the beautiful parks, the glorious weather….But I’m still recovering from jet lag (it’s definitely harder to go East) and I’m tired and a little discombobulated and it just seems silly to try to do that all right now.

First Flight

I’m very happy about President Obama’s statement about marriage equality. I’m sad that one of my all-time favorite artists and writers, Maurice Sendak, has died. Max is partially named for the Max character in Where the Wild Things Are. Perhaps more on this another time.

Berkeley state of mind

I’m full of experiences, feelings, sights and sounds.

Big Rock Climb

I saw so much beauty, experienced an abundance of kindness and love, delicious food, fresh air, sun–that my senses are now almost on overload, and I need to be quiet. It is also good to be home again with our cat, Ringo.

The fountain
Near the sidewalk
Yummy food

I’m happy my brother has found true love and got married. I’m thrilled to have a new sister-in-law. I’m delighted my family was there to celebrate together.

From our table at the wedding

I’m profoundly grateful to my amazing cousins who hosted us all week in their beautiful home with an exquisite garden, in the most beautiful place, Berkeley, CA.

One view

A place where drivers actually stop for pedestrians attempting to cross the street.  Drivers don’t honk  if you’re stopped at a red light or stop sign. So refreshing and different from the East coast frenzy we live with here. It makes me think about some of the things we tolerate and what we can change for the better.

I’m unpacked, laundry done, returning to our routine, and thinking about all the good stuff in my life. I’ve got some new ideas for our garden, planting arugula is on the list. Of course Max may never eat it again, since he prefers to try new foods with anyone other than myself or Andy. And once I have enough of any kind of food, he usually doesn’t want it anymore. So it goes.

A purple carrot that Max ate

For today, I will leave you with a few more pictures of flowers from our trip. And my best wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day to all who are celebrating.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

CA state flower
In the garden
Garden flowers

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