Giving is Good

Dear Readers,

Max and his class (along with parents and other school families) collected non-perishable food items for a local food pantry. The wagons were parked inside the school entrance. Over a few weeks, they filled up.

Yesterday, the class delivered the food. What a fun adventure! They  walked the entire six blocks (giggling, chatting, singing), while pulling and pushing the filled-to-overflowing seven wagons. It was a beautiful morning.

Pulling a wagon with food
Checking out the pantry
Posted on a refrigerator at food pantry

To read more about it, please see an article by Jennifer Tornopsky of the West Orange Patch that was posted today.

Happy second night of Chanuka to those who are celebrating.

Love & Light to all!

2 thoughts on “Giving is Good

  1. When my children were in elementary school I helped organize a food drive. We made a human chain from the school to the pantry (little more than a 1/4 mile and passed the food from one to another til it got to the pantry. They loved it!

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